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August 2017

Aug 13

A tyranny of sexuality

By: Russell Shaw OSV Daily Take G.K. Chesterton got a lot of things right. Here’s one: “The moment sex ceases to be a servant it becomes a tyrant.” Evidence for the destructive consequences of tyrannical sex abounds in wrecked relationships, wrecked families and wrecked lives. But there’s an alternative. The solution to...
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Aug 11

The miracle of the weeping icon in Illinois

By:  Patti Maguire Armstrong OSV Newsweekly\ The simple beige exterior of Assumption Greek Orthodox Church in Homer Glen, Illinois, was not what I expected as the home of a miraculous icon weeping oil since July 2015. My friend and I checked the address carefully, because we had driven past it and were doubling back. “Is that...
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Aug 7

Church faces culture shifts in abuse response

By: Don Clemmer OSV Newsweekly The sexual abuse of minors by priests received repeated attention throughout the month of July in news stories around the world, often in ways that represented new and different twists in the painful, perennial narrative of the issue. On July 11, the Associated Press reported that Bruce Wellems, a religious priest...
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Aug 5

Pro-life pregnancy centers challenge state law

By: Jim Graves OSV Newsweekly California’s pro-life pregnancy resource centers — many of which are operated by staff motivated by their Catholic pro-life convictions — are in the midst of a battle against another significant legislative challenge: the 2015 passage of the Reproductive FACT Act, or A.B. 775. The act was...
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Aug 3

Gomez: Our Lady of Guadalupe a key guide, protector for our times

By: Catholic News Service OSV Newsweekly NAPA, Calif. (CNS) -- It is in the appearance of Our Lady of Guadalupe in 1531 to a poor Indian convert that we can see God's plan and care for America today, Los Angeles Archbishop Jose H. Gomez said in a July 27 address that tackled the "de-Christianization" of U.S. culture. "At...
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