Communion Policies & Procedures

The following policies and procedures were put in place on January 3, 2015 with regards to Communion to the Homebound, Hospitals and Care Facilities as well as to the Gluten Intolerant.


In carrying this Blessed Sacrament to hospitals, care facilities, and to those homebound, we are commissioned by guidelines defined by church authorities to reverently present Christ for the spiritual well-being of Catholics facing limitations.

These guidelines are closely defined in order to avoid potential abuses.  With this in mind, homebound ministers of the Eucharist with a pyx will not receive consecrated hosts during mass for the purpose of taking those hosts to the homebound.  Those commissioned and desiring to carry communion to the homebound will meet in the parish chapel following mass to document their communion call and receive their needed consecrated hosts through a designated sacristan or their representative.

Why are we doing this?

  • To better document and track the sacramental and spiritual needs of our brothers and sisters who cannot attend mass.
  • To allow the opportunity of other sacraments such Anointing of the Sick and Confession to be celebrated by the priests of our parish with these documented Catholics.
  • To assure that only properly trained Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist are visiting and distributing Holy Communion to the homebound or Catholics in adult care facilities.
  • To identify and expand our sacramental ministry to include those Catholics who are not being served because of mobility concerns through better tracking and accountability.
  • To stop potential abuses of the sacred hosts by persons either through ignorance or by specific intent. 

If you have any questions concerning these changes, please contact the parish office.


There is an option of receiving the consecrated host for those who currently abstain because of sensitivities to gluten.  This host only will have a trace of gluten (.01%) in order for these breads to be considered valid for purposes of communion.  Please visit the US Catholic Bishops website to find out more information on the Church’s response and requirements concerning gluten intolerance and liturgical norms.

This low gluten alternative will only be offered at the communion station which the priest presider occupies (directly in front of the altar).  Please orient yourself near this station in preparing to receive communion; as you approach the priest during communion, very briefly tell him of your desire for the low gluten host.  Read more

If you have further questions, contact the parish office at 989-732-5448.


Ministry to the Sick and Homebound

…when I was sick, you visited me — Matthew 25:36

Do you feel called to help our brothers and sisters in need? Members of the Ministry to the Sick and Homebound regularly visit and take Holy Communion to parishioners in hospitals, care centers, nursing homes, and private homes

Ministers can serve as often as they are available; weekly visits are preferred, especially to shut-in parishioners, although some ministers may serve monthly or twice a month.  New ministers can be teamed up with current ministers to become familiar with the service expected of them.

Those who want to serve in the Ministry must be at least 18 years old and approved for training as Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion. Ministry members must be fingerprinted and are subject to a background check. Specific training for Ministers to the Sick is available and highly encouraged. 

We are ALWAYS looking for new members in this ministry.

Contact Jeff Crane