FAQ-1 The Sacrament of Baptism

Can a non-Catholic Christian be a godparent / sponsor?

No. Only a practicing Catholic who meets the qualifications can be a godparent or sponsor.  However, a non-Catholic, baptized Christian who participates in the Baptism and accepts responsibility for helping raise the child to live a Christian life can participate in the Rite of Baptism as a "Christian Witness" (and so reflected on the baptismal certificate) if a Catholic godparent is also present. However, a Christian who was baptized and confirmed Catholic and now practices in another Christian tradition cannot be either a godparent / sponsor or a Christian Witness. 

The church requires at least one godparent who is a practicing, confirmed Catholic age 16 or older. That godparent's name is entered into the Parish Record Book as the "official" godparent or sponsor for baptism.  Thus, if you wish to have additional persons bear witness at Baptism as Christian Witnesses and be listed as such, then you must also have one fully initiated (meaning that they have celebrated Confirmation) Catholic godparent who is not impeded from being a godparent / sponsor as well.