FORMED.ORG Awareness Series

For the next six weeks we will be highlighting a feature of our online Catholic resource on  It has a wealth of opportunities to help you in not only understanding your faith, but providing information on everyday topics of concern. 


WEEK ONE:  Bulletin Article August 21, 2016
Who among us doesn’t wonder about our purpose and meaning in life?  We all need some perspective and help in order to find out the wisdom of God in finding fulfillment and our destiny.  We struggle with being bound up and our freedom under Christ seems too daunting.  Here are a few programs on we would like to recommend. 

WEEK TWO:  Bulletin Article August 28, 2016
The treasures of the Catholic faith are enormous.  The two programs on FORMED that you don’t want to miss are Bishop Robert Barron’s “Catholicism” and Steve Ray’s “Footprints of God”.

WEEK THREE:  Bulletin Article September 11, 2016
This week we highlight Scripture.  "Opening The Word" does a concise, six-minute overview of the background and meaning of each weekend reading for Mass.  We also want to bring attention to "Evangelization", "Lectio: Eucharist", "The Bible and the Virgin Mary", and "Lectio: Prayer: Finding Intimacy with God".

WEEK FOUR:   Bulletin Article September 18, 2016
As you know, Mother Teresa of Calcutta was canonized by the Church as a Saint. offers a variety of full length films on saints and heroic figures in the Church for your family’s enjoyment – including St. Mother Teresa.

WEEK FIVE:  Bulletin Article September 25, 2016
Besides the videos available to motivate the viewer to grow in the faith there are books which can be downloaded to your mobile device. lets you download the app you need to use on your Kindle, Android, Nook or IPhone device.  There are also audio only presentations which you can listen to while driving or doing chores around the house.  To learn more about some of the titles available to you and how you can enjoy these free resources, click on the full article above.

WEEK SIX:   Bulletin Article October 2, 2016
The information which has been shared in the past six weeks is not exhaustive of the content of Formed, but hopefully it will provide some motivation to regularly access the website and draw upon its resources.  Highlighted this week are the many small group studies which are on Formed. 

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