Word on Fire ENGAGE

Please fill in your information below to get access to Word on Fire ENGAGE!

Once you have entered in your information above, or have accessed our Word on Fire ENGAGE already in a different way, here are easy step by step instructions on how to access the Word on Fire ENGAGE Library directly. 

1. Go to www.flocknote.com/stmarycathedral

2. Already signed up? Click LOGIN in the bottom left corner

3. Enter in your e-mail address associated with your Flocknote/Word on Fire ENGAGE account and click 'Reset or Create Password'

4. You will receive an e-mail from Flocknote with directions on how to create a password. After that, you should be free to login to the Flocknote application on iPhone or Andriod, as well as online at www.flocknote.com/stmarycathedral

5. From there you will be able to visit the Word on Fire ENGAGE library and search Bishop Barron's complete video library! 

As a reminder, you must log onto Flocknote to access the Word on Fire ENGAGE library!


To access via phone app: 

After creating an account through www.flocknote.com/stmarycathedral, you can download the Word on Fire Digital App to access Bishop Barron's videos on the go! 

1. Download the Word on Fire ENGAGE app on your app store. 

2. Login using the username and password created for Flocknote with St. Mary Cathedral. 

3. Access tons of free video resources whenever you want, on the go! 

If you have any questions, please contact Shannon at the parish office at soconnor@stmarycathedral.org or (989) 705-3569.