Alpha: Got questions about life

Alpha is an opportunity to explore life and the Christian faith in a friendly, open and informal environment.

We all carry within us questions about life.  Deep questions. 
Questions about our purpose in life and how to make sense of our world. 

Alpha is an 11 week series of gatherings to openly explore life’s deeper questions.  An Alpha evening involves food, a presentation and discussion; all done in a casual, non-threatening atmosphere.

Check back soon to see when our next round of Alpha begins! 

We all have experiences and carry questions which are unique to each of us.  Our experiences of life give us pause to question and make sense of what constitutes our world and how we fit into it.  We feel that perhaps we’re the only one struggling with these questions.  By appearances it looks like others know something that we don’t.  We can feel isolated in our struggle for greater purpose and meaning.

As we grow older we grow our worldview to attempt to live happier and healthier lives.  But, at some point, we realize that our questions are God-size and need God-size answers.  Alpha opens a door for us in meeting with other people, and building community with those people in together voicing what is stirring in our hearts. 

So specifically, what is Alpha?  Alpha starts with a meal together.  Food is a great way of bringing people together.  The meal is followed by a video presentation intended to help us access the kinds of questions which are important to us.  It unpacks the basics of the Christian message and asks us how that message impacts us.  What basics?  Questions like: Who is Jesus, and How Can I Have Faith?  The video is followed by a discussion time where people share their thoughts within a small group in an honest, open and friendly environment.  No one is obligated to speak, but as trust and comfort is built within the group week to week, people can more easily share among one another.

Alpha is free and open to adults of all ages regardless of background or religious affiliation.          Pre-registration is recommended. 

To learn more go to or call the parish office.



Check back to see when the next Alpha begins!

If you have questions or wish to register, contact the parish office at 989-732-5448.