Catholic Services Appeal (CSA)


Hip Hip Hooray, it’s time for 2020 CSA, "Anchored in Hope" 

We want to start by saying thank you! Thank you for the giving of your time and treasure to support our diocese and ultimately our parish and the Catholic values that we hold so dear. CSA is a vital part of supporting God’s work in our parish and beyond. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Diocese has reduced the CSA Parish goals by 20% for this year:

St. Mary Cathedral Parish Original Target: $205,438 reduced to $164,350

Holy Redeemer Parish Original Target: $18,139 reduced to $14,511

St. Thomas Aquinas Parish Original Target: $10,446 reduced to $8,357 

How can you respond?

I am praying that you will respond and consider a gift to the 2020 Catholic Services Appeal.

So, I ask that you would: 

  • Prayerfully reflect on your gifts from God and how those can be shared with your church community.  
  • Look for your pledge card 

            — In the coming weeks, you should be receiving a mini edition of FAITH Magazine with a pledge card included. 

            — If you do not regularly receive FAITH magazine, let us know!   

  • Make your pledge by August 1st

            — Send your pledge to St. Mary Cathedral at 606 N Ohio Ave, Gaylord, MI 49735.

            — Place it in the offertory basket at Mass.

            — Make your pledge online here! (Don't forget to write your parish name!) The Diocese of Gaylord accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

If you do not receive a pledge card, please know that you can always send in your check/pledge with a clear marking that it is for CSA, or call or e-mail Nicholas to request a pledge card today (989) 705-3569 or [email protected]

My hope is that we can have another effective campaign and meet our goal quickly and efficiently!

I am continuously grateful for the support of our parishioners and your love for our God, our parish, our school and our entire St. Mary community.

Sincerely yours in Jesus and Mary,
Rev. Matthew Wigton 

What is CSA?

Since the formation of the Diocese of Gaylord in 1971, the Catholic Services Appeal (CSA) has been both an invitation and opportunity to support the programs, services and ministries within our diocese and around the world. Through our collective efforts, the CSA is the primary source of funding for the programs and ministries directed by our bishop, providing support to our parishes as well as most of the special national and international collections typically taken up as second collections in other dioceses.

Below you will find additional information about what the appeal supports, the 2020/21 budget, parish promotional materials, a campaign manual, and convenient ways to give.  If you have any questions about the Catholic Services Appeal, please contact the Diocese of Gaylord at 989.732.5147. 

Thank you for the many ways that you support the Church by embracing a life of discipleship, most specifically, through your gift to the Catholic Services Appeal. May you find the gifts you make, in gratitude for God’s abundant blessings, to be a source of great joy. 

As you know, CSA supports the work and mission of our diocese, which includes essential services for our parishioners, our community, and St. Mary Cathedral School.   Similar to how your regular offertory supports St. Mary Cathedral, the gifts we make to CSA support the offices within the Diocese of Gaylord and the many vital ministries and ongoing work accomplished at the pastoral center and throughout our Universal Church. 

Shining a Light on CSA: Did you know that CSA supports over 40 programs and services throughout the diocese, all of which touch our parishioners and parish? Here are just a few examples:

Stewardship is a response to God’s generosity in our lives, which is not just a once a year thing.  It’s giving from our first fruits, not our leftovers.  Like other long term monthly commitments we make in our lives (our phones, gym memberships, and other material things), consider what you might be able to give to CSA this year by spreading it over 10 monthly payments.  Below is a chart that might assist you.

How are CSA funds used by the Diocese of Gaylord?

The CSA provides the necessary funding to sustain our diocese.  Our parishes benefit by the evangelization, training, and practical business support offered by the staff, ministries and ongoing work completed at the pastoral center.  Below is a diagram highlighting the overall budget for the Diocese of Gaylord, the portion made up through CSA funds and how those CSA funds are distributed.
2020 CSA Budget Information

CLICK HERE to learn more about the Catholic Services Appeal on the Diocese of Gaylord website.

Pocket Change Can Change the World

A Dollar a Day for CSA!  Consider the price of a cup of coffee, or the price of one spin of a casino wheel...a small sacrifice can mean big things for your parish! If every parishioner in our Diocese found a way to pledge 50 cents or a dollar a day to CSA then every parish in our Diocese would go over target! Think about the needs that could be met in our own parish with monies given back to us from the Diocese for going over target!

Please take a moment to prayerfully consider what you are able to give to support CSA this year and complete your pledge card. Every gift, regardless of the amount, is very important to the success of the Appeal.

The vital ministries of our Diocese continue only with your help.  Your gift of any amount will be gratefully received and deeply appreciated.