ENDOW Women's Study

This women's study group will begin January 19, 2016

Endow is a Catholic educational program that brings women together to discover their God-given dignity and to understand their role in humanizing and transforming society.  Endow helps women from all walks of life discover their God-given dignity and femininity through the richness and authenticity of Catholic teaching.  When we as women grow in understanding the teachings of the Church and in the truth of Jesus Christ, our faith becomes more fully defined, and so does our transforming influence in the family, the community, and society as a whole.

Endow utilizes small study groups, conferences and retreats to cultivate faith, fellowship and formation.  Study groups meet weekly over a 8 – 10 week period.  No homework is required.

This study will present an unforgettable saint's story.  Modern women will thrill to see mirrored in Saint Catherine our deepest struggles, fiercest devotions, and most courageous interactions.  Be inspired by Saint Catherine's example and let her encourage you to set the world ablaze and become the woman God calls you to be!

Learn more about Endow Catholic Women Studies at www.endowgroup.org



ENDOW Women's Study

"Setting the World Ablaze":
Saint Catherine of Siena

Meets every Tuesday beginning
January 19th from 6:00-8:00pm in Cathedral Meeting Room A.

To register or if you have questions, please call Peggy LeBlanc at 810.240.4444.