St. Mary Cathedral School - Tuition Assistance

The Tuition Angel Scholarship Program provides the opportunity of a Catholic school education to all families, regardless of income.  We are extremely grateful to our loyal parishioners, alumni, school families and friends who have contributed to this worthy cause throughout the years, who without, this program would not exist.

St. Mary Cathedral Parish & School both strive to help all K-12 students who demonstrate a need for financial assistance through partial scholarships of up to 75% of tuition costs.   Students in Preschool and the Young 5 program are not eligible for tuition scholarships. 

Tuition Angel scholarship assignments are based upon financial need and are awarded without regard to religion, race or ethnicity.  Awards are made for one academic year, and are available until scholarship funds are depleted.  The entire process, including any amounts awarded, is strictly confidential.  School faculty members are not informed of any student(s) requesting or receiving financial aid. Please direct any questions regarding financial assistance to Tina Makarewicz at (989) 732-5448, or email at

St. Mary Cathedral uses FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment to collect and assess all information required in the financial aid process and makes all decisions of scholarship awards based on the recommendations from FACTS Management. Tuition Assistance awards made through the FACTS process are granted for up to 50% of the cost of tuition.  Families with extreme hardship circumstances can request addiitonal assistance above this 50% through meeting with the school principal.  Awards above 50% of the cost of tuition are granted on a case by case basis.   

All families applying for scholarship awards must complete an online application at:
along with a $30 non-refundable application fee and a copy of their most recent tax return.

FACTS will email you a confirmation letter to acknowledge receipt of your application/documentation. They will also send a reminder letter if they have not received all supporting documentation. 
FACTS processing takes approximately 3-4 weeks and awards are not guaranteed.  If you have further questions, review FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment frequently asked questions.

Here’s what some of our scholarship recipients have to say:

“We have always been so blessed to afford Catholic education for our children, though it is not without sacrifice.  But it is a sacrifice we chose because of the value we place on Catholic education.  Thank you for easing the burden for us during this difficult year; we are forever grateful.”

“It is nice to know that in a true time of need we are able to receive financial assistance from the parish.  Please know just how blessed we feel to be receiving it.”

“It has been an especially difficult year financially in our family due to illness and unemployment.  We humbly thank you for your generosity and making the burden easier.”

“I do not know the donors, but with all my heart I want them to know how very much this means to me as a student.  I always thought I would  graduate from a Catholic High School since that is where I started.  I am so grateful and feel so blessed that I have this opportunity.”




Questions regarding financial assistance or the application process?
Contact Tina Makarewicz
at (989) 732-5448, or email

The Tuition Angel Scholarship Program provides the opportunity of a Catholic school education to all families, regardless of income.  We are grateful to our loyal parishioners, alumni, school families and friends who have contributed to this worthy cause throughout the years.

Tuition Scholarships are currently funded two ways: through tax-deductible donations made directly to the general scholarship fund, and by revenue generated from the Tuition Angel Raffle.

In 2010, it was apparent that there was a need to raise additional funds to help support the growing number of families requesting tuition assistance.  The Tuition Angel Raffle was introduced and has proven to be a wonderful addition. 

Approximately 30% of students attending St. Mary Cathedral School each year receive  financial assistance.  Scholarships are awarded to families based on financial need, and are used solely for tuition at St. Mary Cathedral School. READ MORE

For additional information about contributing to the Tuition Angel Scholarship Fund or participating in the Tuition Angel Raffle, contact Shannon O'Connor in the parish office 989.732.5448 or email at