WeGather - St. Mary Cathedral's Private Social Network


By joining this network, you will have the opportunity to enjoy instantly updated and shared communication within a secure and PRIVATE forum provided specifically for the members of St. Mary Cathedral. 

Here is some GENERAL INFORMATION about WeGather

A Better Sense of Community

After you have successfully completed the registration process into our private WeGather parish network, each member then has the option to fill out a personal profile that shares information and fun facts about themselves (profiles are only visible to members that have been approved to join). When people with our parish community begin to understand each other even in this small way, it increases their comfort level and opens the door for creating and improving connections in life.

It's Better Than Email

WeGather helps group members communicate with one another by eliminating communication hurdles like email address typos, forgetting someone, or using outdated contact information. When these annoyances disappear, we all become happier disciples that can concentrate on God’s work!

No longer will you have to worry about collecting the proper phone number or email address for each person in your group. Everyone is responsible for updating their own contact info every time they log in (if needed), and one click gives you a member list that you can customize to include just the info you want.

Get the Word Out Fast

Sometimes a last-minute need arises and you’ll want to reach your group right away via email blast. WeGather allows you to do just that with the Announcement feature. Type your message and click a button to email your entire group within seconds.  And best of all, you don’t need access to your email or email addresses – all you need is an internet connection to log in to WeGather.  Everything you need is right there.

Talk to One Another

Discussion forums are the perfect place to start a conversation. Whether you want to share your thoughts on something happening with the parish, share ideas for an event or simply ask a question, chances are someone else wants to have the same conversation. When you post a question, a response is often only minutes away.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  When you initiate a “post”, you will be prompted to select who will see your post – all ‘members’ or members of a particular group or multiple groups.  This is a VERY important part of creating and publishing your post within the network, to ensure your post is only viewed by who you want to see it. 

Multiple Sub-Groups

Chances are, the most active members of our faith community – maybe you! – are active in more than one activity within the parish. It’s easy to create multiple groups, and ONLY members of each group can see the activities and files for that group. 

There are three types of groups: Private Groups are available by invitation only; Open Groups can be joined by any WeGather users; Public Groups are automatically joined by all WeGather users.

When you receive your invitation to join WeGather, you will automatically be set up as a “Member”.  Any ‘all member’ communications posted by the parish or individual member will come across on your WeGather Home page (and in an email if you choose to receive that way).  In addition, you will probably be invited to be a part of multiple groups within the network. New groups will continue to be created as this network grows within our parish community.  Ultimately, members will be linked to many different groups.   

File Sharing

Meeting minutes, newsletters, event notes, committee listings – on paper these can become outdated within days. In WeGather, you can share as many files as you want, whenever you want, with whomever you want. Update those files to the latest version in a few seconds, no need to re-send in an email. Email attachments that are forgotten or unopened have become a thing of the past. Any member of a group can access files in their group’s folder whenever they need them.  No more lost emails, forgotten email attachments, or failed file downloads.  It’s all in WeGather!

Stronger Group Continuity

No longer can information be lost between transitions of group leaders. Because all information is hosted in a single location, all future leaders can see the past history of the group and the previous group documents without worry that the documents will be lost. If a new member joins later in a year or part way through event planning, guess what, they can go back and read all communications and view documents in your group folder.  No need to resend informational emails – it’s already there for them - in WeGather!

Make Stewardship Easy

Members can easily find out about stewardship opportunities – and sign up at the same time! Especially when members can see who else plans to attend an event, likelihood of participation increases dramatically. Post your event invitation and members can respond if they’re coming (if you want an RSVP) and what they’re bringing (if the event requires that). You’ll know at a glance how many people will be there, if help is needed, and if you have enough people signed up to get the job done.

100% Secure and Private

WeGather is the only site of its kind to promise 100% security. The only people that can see any of the information in your group must be approved to join by your Site Administrator. Each person is attached to one email address and one profile. Users can ONLY see the groups they belong to and there is no way to search for a group blindly, let alone join it. Members must be invited. 

This is exciting! How can I get an invitation to join?

You have successfully completed the initial steps to becoming more familiar with having a WeGather account with St. Mary Cathedral.  If you wish to set up a personal profile and account, all you need is an email invitation from our Site Administrator.  To request an invitation to join WeGather, simply send a request via the online request form (click here)

NOTE: If you would like additional information about setting up a parish group (private, open or public) within WeGather, please contact the parish office at 989.732.5448 for assistance.     

Our hope is that you find WeGather to be an invaluable and easy to use private social networking platform for use within our parish community. It’s a new way for you to participate and will help us all to communicate and grow within our St. Mary Cathedral parish family.  Enjoy WeGather!


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