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Nigerian Priests Invite Joy to Reign in Their Hearts

For months, Rev. Polycarp Paul Mblarawa did not know whether his mother and father were alive or dead. His parents and siblings became separated as they fled Bazza, Nigeria after the Boko Haram burned their home to the ground in September.  Read more

Bulletin Article from Pastor Fr. James M. Bearss - 2/8/15

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St. Mary Cathedral conducts a monthly collection, the second weekend of each month.  Donations to this collection will be sent directly to the Most Reverand Dr. Oliver Dashe Doeme, Bishop of the Diocese of Maiduguri from the Diocese of Gaylord.

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Maiduguri is situated in the North Eastern part of Nigeria, Africa and covers an area of 132, 000 sq km. It is the second larges diocese in the country in terms of land mass and includes the whole of Borno, Yobe and one-third of the Northern part of Adamawa State. It is bounded to the North by the republic of Niger and Chad and to the East by Cameroon. The population of the Diocese is over 5 million inhabitants and of this, over 500,000 are Christians with the Catholic Church having over 221,000 adherents.

The map below diagrams the location of Nigeria within the continent of Africa.  The smaller diagram to the right outlines the location of the Diocese of Maiduguri within Nigeria.











The following are documents received in the Diocese of Gaylord from the Most Rev Dr Oliver Dashe Doeme:

Received May 13, 2015
Email - Update and thank you

Received September 2014
  Situation Report and Update of the Activities of Boko Haram in the Catholic Diocese of Maiduguri

Nigerian Bishop issues a pastoral letter to console the people of Maiduguri

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If you prefer to make a donation utilizing the collection basket, checks must be made payable to St. Mary Cathedral and placed in an envelope marked Diocese of Maiduguri.

ACN photo: burned out church in the Diocese of Maiduguri